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Cortex Academy - ZenoChat Course

Fully customizable ChatGPT alternative with up-to-date web knowledge

Zeno is your very own, customizable AI companion. You can chat with Zeno anytime, anywhere. Ask questions or command Zeno to do something for you.

ZenoChat with Web Search

The Web Search feature allows Zeno to gain a deeper knowledge about the recent events of our world and shape its responses accordingly to cater to your needs.
You might already be aware that GPT-powered AI systems have limited knowledge up until September 2021. Therefore, many of these AI systems have no information about the most recent events beyond that particular date.

Try it yourself!

Open ZenoChat and ask Zeno to write a blog article about greenhouse gas emissions. Then paste the result down below.
If the output doesn’t satisfy your needs or if you want to build more on top of it, you can always write your thoughts as a further response. Zeno will learn from them and will adapt the responses to cater to your needs.