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Cortex Academy - TextCortex Zeno Assistant Course

Disclaimer: This course requires TextCortex AI Browser Extension. If you haven't downloaded it yet, click here.
Let's explore how you can make the most of Zeno Assistant.
1. What is Zeno Assistant?
1.1 How to activate Zeno Assistant?
2. What can you do with Zeno Assistant?
Let's explore every point.

What is Zeno Assistant?

Zeno Assistant was designed to help you automate tedious writing tasks so that you can focus more on the creative aspect of things.
Zeno can help you with many things. It can:
- Continue writing your sentences when you are stuck.
- Fix grammar & spelling.
- Create long-form content from scratch.
- Summarize long texts. - Make texts longer / shorter.
..but Zeno can do so much more with your guidance.