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Creator Program Application

We love creators because we are creators ourselves so...

Picture this: You make 24 posts and get paid for each one. Think big, think long-haul – we’re talking about a creative alliance that goes the distance.

We are looking for creators to run a new account which they will create content for. We are looking for content to be in a niche that would make sense for us to market to, so sorry, that means no lifestyle, makeup, or fashion UGCs.
Check out the Lone wolf of AI's video.
Check out the Raul's video.
Check out Angelina's video.
You want in? Please fill out the information on the next pages such that we can best get a better idea about you.
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What are your main challenges in creating video content?

What niche would you target? (Don't put any)

Why are you good to target this niche?

What style of videos would you make?

How much would you want for 24 videos? (In Dollars)

Do you have any links to content have you made before?

Why should we get you into the program?

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