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Cortex Academy - Toolbar Course

Disclaimer: This course requires the TextCortex AI Browser Extension. If you haven't downloaded it yet, click here.

What is the TextCortex Toolbar?

TextCortex's toolbar is your go-to AI utility — specifically designed to help you with your writing workflow. Using the toolbar, you can:
- Rewrite your sentences
- Expand your sentences with more relevant information
- Create long-form content from key points
- Summarize long texts - Make texts longer
...and achieve so much more.

How to activate the Toolbar?

Simple: Highlight your text to activate the TextCortex toolbar in any online text box.

There, you will find many features to choose from for your writing needs such as rewriting, summarizing, tone changing, text-to-speech and more.

Try it now: highlight the text below & rewrite it!