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TextCortex Sidebar Tour

You have discovered the Sidebar! It bears a lot of functionalities within. Let's dive into its details now.
1. Sidebar
2. ZenoChat
3. AI Writing Templates
4. Developer Mode


Siderbar is our all-in-one package in which you can find many other features such as ZenoChat, AI Writing Templates and Developer Mode.

How to open the Sidebar?

There are 3 ways to open the sidebar. You can either:
1. Click on the purple icon at the bottom right.
2. Use “Extensions” menu of your browser.
3. Or use the shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + O (or CMD + SHIFT + O for Mac Users)
Note: If you can’t see the purple TextCortex icon, make sure to enable it in “Extensions” settings of your browser.
💡 Useful Info: No extension works on a blank “New tab”.