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TextCortex for Education

Looking for a way to supercharge your academic work? Whether you're a student, professor or researcher, TextCortex has got you covered!
Apply for our Education Program and unlock the power of TextCortex Unlimited for just $29.99 USD/mo, billed quarterly.
Unlimited plan includes everything:
- Unlimited creations
- All advanced models included
- Unlimited web search & academic browsing
- 100GB of storage to upload your papers, documents, research materials.
With the help of your very own AI copilot, you'll be able to take your research papers, literature reviews, speeches, and essays to the next level!

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Please use your university email while signing up to TextCortex. Personal emails will be disqualified.
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I hereby agree to use TextCortex responsibly, ethically and continue to be a productive contributor to the academic society.

TextCortex will hyper-charge your creativity, however, keep in mind to add original thought and use our AI companions as collaborators - not sole creator.