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Creator University Application

We love creators because we are creators ourselves so...

Imagine becoming a content creator and score your first client (us, a leading AI company) in 4-weeks time.

In the worst case you get free education from a company which has reached millions on people from our influencer partnerships.
Check out the Lone wolf of AI's video.
Check out the Raul's video.
In the best case you are going the extra mile to win us as your first client and create content for a dedicated TextCortex branded accounts.
You want in? Please fill out the information on the next pages such that we can best get a better idea about you.
* This survey should take you less then 5 minutes of your day.

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What is your skill level with video editing?

What is your skill level with video editing?

What are your main challenges in creating video content?

Why do you want to do this extra hustle?

Why should we get you into the program?

Do you have any socials you are working on currently?

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